Sunday, May 26, 2013

A beautiful spice for our life - Compassion

Compassion means that we suffer with another and show mercy.  To me compassion is a beautiful way to express Christ to others.  I wish I could live my life over just because I could have saved a lot of grief by showing compassion to my children and my husband.  Do you feel the same way?  Our family needs to feel compassion from us even in their adulthood.  Our friends need compassion, those who are ill and in trouble need compassion.  Those who are deep in sin need our compassion.

God's compassion is described as:  overabundant, in Psalms 86:13,15; new every morning in Lamentations 3: 22,23; His compassion is great in Isaiah 54:7.  To be Christ like we need to have the compassion of Christ.

Have you ever suffered with someone when they were suffering?  That is compassion.  I remember when my neighbors lost their little toddler in the creek near their house and as soon as I heard, it was just a few minutes, I went to them and sat beside her on the couch and didn't say anything but we cried together it actually hurt me to see her hurting so bad.  I wish now that I had showed compassion all the time, to my children and husband and other family members and friends.

It's never too late to show compassion so why not start now at any age, God knows our hearts and will give us the compassion that we need to make someone else's life brighter and better so until tomorrow what do you say that we start a new life with the compassion of Christ for others.  Grandma Joan

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