Thursday, May 2, 2013

Encouragement, the spice of life.

How do you feel when you are discouraged?  Down and out, hopeless, worthless. I had better quit right there, it sounds terrible doesn't it?  Then the discouraged person, is listless, tired, bored, and you name it.  Then when you are tired, bored and listless, you might have a headache, tummy ache, or some other ache  or pain.  Then what is the next step, maybe see the doctor and find out what is terribly wrong with you.

I haven't gone that far with my discouragements but close.  So what is the solution?  I believe that if we try to encourage others we will encourage ourselves.  I am not talking about flattery, flattery is meaningless because it is usually not true.  I am talking about a compliment, a word of honest praise, a little gift of remembrance, anything to encourage someone in their journey through life. I think it is a great idea to give a card for no special occasion, but just to tell the person how much they mean to you, it certainly encourages me and then when holidays come and I get more cards of encouragement, it really lifts my spirits.  It's a wonderful way to bless others and encourage them.

Encouragements really do spice up our lives just like discouragements put us down in the dumps, so let's be an encourager (is that a word, if not I just made it one) and spice up someone's life today, tomorrow and keep on being an encourager and you will come up out of the dumps and be encouraged too.  Try it, I think you will like the results.   Until  tomorrow, Grandma Joan

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