Thursday, May 9, 2013

Is silence a spice in our life?

This doesn't sound like much of a spicy idea, does it?  There is the phrase that 'silence is golden'.  I guess you could say that in lots of incidences where it stops an argument, a fight or whatever might become out of control.  But does it spice up our life?

Yes, as a matter of fact it does.  When it comes to gossip, it is really spicy to not open your mouth and get involved in a conversation that is from down under.  I have learned that lesson more than once, one time I was about to say something to warn someone of what was in the future for them, something that someone told me and the thought came to me, 'you have said enough' and so I stopped right there.  I don't know why it was enough, but it was and I am glad I was obedient to the thought. I probably saved myself some heart-ache by listening.

Another time not too long ago, I was talking to a friend and a subject came up that we didn't agree on and so instead of countering with my ideas, I just kept silence and that was the end of it.  It really does spice up your life in many ways if we let silence rule in the right places.  I am thinking that 'silence really is golden in all the right places, what do you think and I also think we can stop maybe some real heartaches by our silence.  I don't think it is being rude to change to a cheerful subject or and get things going in a different direction.

I agree that there is a place for warnings, we don't want someone to get hurt for our lack of speaking up, or if you are listening  for the purpose of being a good listener and letting them get rid of a heavy burden that hurts, but not  passing it on as gossip.  Just listening in silence helps some people a lot, they need to unload.
If you can listen in silence and be trusted, you are a real friend indeed.

So why not spice up your life with listening and keeping silent and just letting someone unload their hurts on you and then take it to the Lord and unload it on Him, He is waiting for you to do that in everything.  I learned something today, how about you?  Let's try the silent method when it's needed.  OK?
Grandma Joan

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  1. I think our silence is a gift we can give to others if we are really listening to what they are saying. So many times I am thinking of what I want to say and not really hearing what the other person is saying. Sometimes we have so much noise around us that we can't think! It's nice to just turn off the TV and radio so we can hear God's still, small voice:)