Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another vital remedy to crashes.

A quote from my favorite author: "Prayer is the key in the hand of faith to unlock heaven's storehouse".  Do you believe that.  I do,  just think about it for a minute, Prayer is talking to God as to a friend. Faith is believing that He hears us, and a Key is something that we turn to unlock a door and of course Storehouse is  a Heaven full of blessings ready to be poured out in our lives.

So let's try that quote again, only in our own language.  I am talking to God as I would to a good friend and knowing that He hears me just as a friend would hear, and talking to God as a friend is the key that unlocks the door to all of Heaven's blessings.  Do you understand how awesome that is?  That helps me so much, and I am learning so much from these devotions that God is gracious enough to give me each day.

If this is the case and I know it is, then why am I so hesitant to talk to God?  Of course I am talking to myself and you are just listening in.  I can't answer that just now, I don't know why I am so hesitant, but I believe the reason is because of lack of faith, or find too much to do to take time, or wasting time on stupid things that have no meaning, and that would be me, I'm sure.

How about you, do you realize the power in all of this, it is beyond comprehension of my mind at least.  All of a sudden, I feel left out of great, great blessings, all because I don't take the time to talk to God like I should, what a disappointment in the years that have gone by and what I have missed out on, not all of the time.   But here and there throughout my life I have had close walks with God and then I crash and it seems to take so long for me to realize what has happened and what I am missing.  "God help me to be more constant in my prayer life and help me to take time to listen as well, my life will be so much better and have  so much more power to keep me from crashing and bringing reproach on Your name'  This is my prayer today and every day that God gives me breath.  How about you?

Can you identify with this, I hope so and also hope that my prayer will be your prayer as we gain ground to keep from crashing.  Until another remedy for crashing tomorrow.  Grandma Joan

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