Friday, May 10, 2013

Praise is a real spicy ingredient with lots of benefits.

I learned this lesson yesterday, that praise truly is a benefit to us in many ways. lets see if I can name some.
I am praising the Lord that He has given me this opportunity to share my faith with you.
I am praising the Lord that He is drawing me closer to Him day by day, through being able to share.
I praise the Lord for my precious family that loves me.
I praise the Lord for my friends at the Nursing Home that took such good care of my husband.
I praise the Lord for the beautiful weather we are having, which I believe is unusual for this time of year.
I am praising the Lord for all of my friends that are reading my devotional blog.  Thank you.

OK you get the idea now for something that startled me.

I learned that we should praise the Lord in trials and thank Him for them because they benefit us in unusual ways.  Like if we make it through them victoriously and are thankful for them, He probably has something better for us in the future.  One thing I know for sure is that we will have an eternal Home with Him forever.
We don't have to praise the Lord for the wrong that has happened but for the opportunity to overcome the trial that we are going through.

For example, I don't have to praise the Lord for the death of my husband but I can praise Him for His comforting hand on me and making me a better person for having to suffer in that way.  Which, by the way, I haven't gotten over it yet but I am well on my way and I am thankful that He has been by my side all the way.

Have you heard of praising the Lord for the pain you are in.  Now that is a tough one and I suffer pain every day, some days worse than others and I am going to start practicing praising Him for my pain, I am sure something good will come out of these praises, what do you think?  I say, let's try and see what happens.
I will let you know of any new progress so until tomorrow, PRAISE THE LORD!  Grandma  Joan

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