Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spicing up.

I was thinking this morning about spices and was wondering where I got the idea that we could spice up our lives.  Perhaps it is because I was thinking I needed it and thought others my enjoy the idea.

When our food tastes a little bland, we add spice or herbs, I use herbs personally but anyway it causes our food to taste better and the flavor can really be enhanced.  Well, I was thinking that the same thing can apply to our lives, different characteristics can really enhance our lives if we are willing to change things around and add these spices that I have been talking about.  Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to change things and sometimes it is even scary specially if we don't know how or what to do about certain things that have become a habit.  I read somewhere if you do something for twenty days straight, you have formed a new habit, so we really can change our lives if we want to.

I want to.  I am determined to start a new life.  A new life in Christ and a new life in my living situation, as soon as God gives the go ahead.  He knows how much I need to change my living status and where He wants me to be.  He knows I need Christian friends and Christian fellowship and He also knows I love to do these devotions because He gives me all the ideas.

If you are a praying person, add me to your prayer list, I will pray for you even tho' I don't know who you are, I know someone is reading these devotions each day and I am happy that you are.  I know one person that is and I know that she is praying for me.  Thank you Kat.

Let's keep spicing up and I will think up some new spices or a new round of thinking tomorrow.  Until then  let's keep adding Christian spice to our lives each day and form new habits that enhance our Christian living.

Hoping that you are adding lots of Christian spice to your lives.  Grandma Joan

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