Saturday, May 11, 2013

How about some more Praise spice?

Yesterday we talked about Praising the Lord in the good times and even in the bad times, which is not easy to do but it does help us through them as we will find out as we practice praising.

Today, I am thinking of something that may be equally as hard but maybe not, it would be according to the way you were brought up.  If someone has a special talent and uses it to glorify God, don't you think that some honest praise might be encouraging to them?  Or if you hear a good sermon or talk that was really inspiring, don't you think a little praise would be appropriate?  I think so, sometimes we just need a little encouragement to keep it up.  I don't mean flattery, flattery is almost an insult, but honest praise is healthy for the person that needs it.

I remember someone in the past that was never praised or encouraged to keep up there good work and it never came to fruition.  They gave up completely.  What a tragedy to have talent but no one ever recognizes it and it goes to waste, or someone is jealous of the attention that you might be getting because of your talent and it causes you to throw in the towel, so to speak.  I am sure that that happens quite a few times.  You can be put down enough that you cannot rise above it, it happens so often, specially to children.  Honest praise is surely a gift that spices up the lives of children and adults as well so lets be more willing to praise honestly and lift the spirits of those who are really struggling to use their talents to glorify God.  I for one am going to try to give honest praise and lift others spirits.  So why don't you try it and see what happens?
Until tomorrow let's praise freely but not flatter. how about it?  Grandma Joan

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