Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thorns in our pathway.

Yes, I mean thorns, there are so many, sometimes so many that we can't see the flowers strewn along the way.  I was thinking these past few days about an ugly thorn, worse than one on a rosebush.  It was a thorn in my life and was pricking me ever so often that I was miserable with the torment and pain it was causing.

I am going to discuss thorns in our life for the next few days in hopes that if any of you have any pricking,
cutting and causing pain that you could remove them from your flesh.  Ouch, they really do hurt, I am not kidding.  Actually, rose thorns poison me, they swell up and stay that way for quite a while.  Do you suppose that we might have something in our life like that?

Think about it, do you feel hostility towards anyone, anger, hatred, or the like?  Hostility is a horrible thorn and it can even become infected to the point of needing surgery from God to get it out.  The difference between God's surgery and man's is that it only takes a moment, (if we let it God do it) and we find that it is all gone and healed over so that you can't tell it was ever there.

He replaces our hostility with love, now I know that sounds like a hard task but let me tell you the easy way.
It is important that we separate the person from the sin in his life, or whatever brought on the hostility.  God loves the sinner, but hates the sin, so what we need to do is pray for the sinner and ask God to put love in our heart for them.  It will heal over and never leave a scar.  Isn't that easy?  Well, you might not think so because it has been there irritating you for a long time until it is infected and inflamed.  The pain that it has caused has been terrible, even to the point of ruining our lives sometimes,  how miserable we can be when we let hostility take over and love diminish.

Isn't it interesting that we let others ruin our lives for us and make us miserable?  Very interesting!!!
I have let God do some surgery on my heart and replace some hostility with love and it is amazing what His surgery can do.  Why not try it?  Until tomorrow for another thorn that might be causing you trouble, I will be right here.  Grandma Joan                   (PS  Sorry I missed yesterday, my son came home after being gone for two weeks and brought my sweet grandson with him.  How blessed I am, seeing the flowers again.)

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