Thursday, May 16, 2013

What makes us crash and lose our spice of life?

Well, I am thinking that that is an absolute good question, what do you think?  I will speak to this from my own experience.  Hope it helps you a lot.

I understand that we need an enlightened conscience, certainly I do.  I know that all of us have areas in our life that needs cleaning up, right?   First off, I want to be an obedient child of God, don't you?  That is my goal in life and so there are some things that we know for sure are not His desire for us.

For example, where Adam and Eve fell, remember them taking an apple from the tree?  Well, that was the first sin and it was on appetite, and so according to that we need to overcome on appetite and in order to be enlightened on the subject we need God to tell us what part of appetite we need control of, too much food, not enough food, wrong kind of food, wrong drinking habits, not drinking enough water to keep our bodies hydrated, taking anything that we know is harmful to our bodies, or it could be snacking and wearing out our stomachs with keeping it working all the time.  Shame on me, I have been guilty, I told you these devotions were about me and I am sharing them with you.

I have noticed very clearly that as soon as I have violated my conscience, I crash, by that I mean, I am down and can't figure out why and then all of a sudden I realize what I have done.  What is the next thing I do?

I tell God how sorry I am and ask Him to forgive me and strengthen me so that I can become strong in that area.  Then I am back up again with a nice clean spicy life.  This can happen quite often, even on a daily basis if it is an ongoing bad habit and it takes time to gain the victory, UNLESS, we really trust God to take it from us and I have known people who have had instant victory, I have had that kind of victory on some things but I am an avid snacker and I guess you would say that I am hesitant in giving it up but I want to tell you it has been hard to do but I am sincere in my struggle and it has become less and less of a problem.

So friends, how about you?  Do you crash a lot or just once in a while?  Whatever your answer is, there is a solution and I know that you can get back up and go at it again and get rid of it, whatever it is.  So until tomorrow, please don't crash too hard and jump up and get your spicy life back, just like I suggested.  It's a great way to live life and not have stress to tear you down like crashes do.  Be victorious.  Grandma Joan

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