Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another thorn in our pathway.

This thorn is equally damaging as yesterdays thorn, hostility.  This thorn can ruin families, it can separate friends, it can cause destruction in a marriage.  I have seen it in it's worse hideous form.  I am not talking about being jealous of good things or of being jealous of our relationship with God or anything that is good and noble.  I am talking about the form spoken of in the Bible.

Proverbs 27:4  "Wrath is cruel and anger a torrent but who can stand before jealousy?  And in 1 Corinthians  6:10 says covetous people will not enter the kingdom of heaven.  This is the kind of jealousy that kills love, and destroys marriages and friendships and can cause heartache in families.

I knew a man who wouldn't allow his wife to even have a woman friend and if one came around he would see to it that she never came back.  He was even jealous of her children, it was a divided home, both had children and it was miserable for the children.  I have seen it destroy marriages, because the man or wife cannot have friends of either sex just as a casual friend or be seen talking to them by the mate.  I guess you would call it a form of control, a miserable control.  Being jealous of the other person's parents or siblings 
causes heartache and separation in families.

Here are some thoughts that I gleaned on jealousy:
Jealousy is an attribute of Satan, displeases God, is a fruit of selfishness, gives rise to envy, grieves God, leads to unrest, dissatisfaction and unhappiness, is a poisonous plant sown by Satan, spirit of jealousy is as
cruel as the grave.

I told you it was a hideous thorn and needs surgery fast before it destroys.  It will destroy your own soul and then that of others if not given up.  The remedy?  Give it to God in complete surrender and repent of the past jealousy in your life and believe that you are forgiven when you ask God to forgive you.  It is wonderful to
get rid of these thorns in our life.  Jealousy is a terrible thing and I have seen so much of it in my life time and the results are never pretty, never.  We need the power of the Spirit in our life to live above these things that destroy.  If you are plagued with this thorn, please seek help from God and He will help you eradicate it from your heart.  May you be blessed this day and be happy in the Lord is my prayer for you.  So until tomorrow, Grandma Joan

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