Saturday, May 18, 2013

One remedy for our crashes.

Today was a special day for me, it was my birthday and my daughter came up and spent the day with me and brought me a  bouquet of lilies all in bud so they are going to come out a little at a time and will be most beautiful and that's the way it is with our sin.  We confess them as the Lord shows them to us and we start budding as the flowers do each time we overcome something in our lives.

Life does become beautiful as we weed them out one by one as God comes in and does His housecleaning.
I am reading the Psalms every morning for my worship time and coloring all the promises I come across with the color red, it's a light color and a special marking pencil not a pen.  I color the prayers that I think pertain to my situation green and so on.  I read the prayers as if they were my prayers and it is so much more meaningful to me when I read the scriptures that way.

This is one thing I do to prevent crashes during the day.  It really does work, it keeps my mind on Jesus and what He has done for me.  I was surprised how many times the Psalms go over the journeys of the Israelites as they journeyed through the wilderness, so I really paid attention to those thoughts and how they applied to me.  Am I in rebellion as they were and if so, how?  This is what the scriptures are for, to help us in our life here to be better people and help others in the same way.  

You can start any place in the Bible and start reading and coloring the promises and prayers and see how they apply to you.  A lot of people start in Matthew and read through the New Testament, but I was impressed to start with the Psalms and I am glad I did because there is so much down to earth experiences of David and others that really helps in my experiences.  His heart was full of praises to God and prayers of confession and deliverance from enemies.  I don't feel that I have enemies but I sure need the praises and confessions and the prayers that he offered.

So try this one remedy and see if it keeps you steadfast and from falling.  It really draws us closer to Christ and gives us a real relationship with Him which is what keeps us from crashing.  It truly does.

I hope you have been helped by this one remedy to keep you from crashing.  It has helped me a lot.
Until tomorrow and I will share another remedy for our crashes.  Grandma Joan

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